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devjargon( ); is a website for software developers and managers. Our aim is to provide quality articles, tips and tricks to help you develop and manage better. Here's a little bit about the authors.

About the Authors


Alex's intention in high school was to become a designer; however the design program that he took in college had some development courses, which he quickly picked up on. He became passionate about development and focused his attentions on it for the remainder of his schooling. He continues to study development techniques and new languages.

Alex currently works as the content development lead for a large Canadian digital signage company based in Southern Ontario. Outside of his day job, Alex spends much of his time working on side projects and running his own design/development company "Goodbye Gravity".

When not working, Alex spends time with his wife and friends, plays various sports and enjoys the occasional video game.


Adam started into the development world in a grade 10 computer science course. Since then, he's taken many more computer science courses, gotten a Bachelors in Comp Sci from the University of Guelph and turned a hobby into a career.

Adam currently works as a Web Developer and Quality Assurance Analyst at a large media firm in Toronto Ontario. When hes not working, Adam often spends his time doing contract work, spending time with friends and family and playing video games.