15 Reasons I Became a Developer

The journey to developerism started when I finished grade 10. I was picking courses for next year and I couldn’t figure out which class I should take to fill the last spot. There were a number of options: gym, advanced math, maybe a French course, but one course stood out from the rest; it was computer science.

Since that original class, I have gone on to take my bachelors degree in Comp Sci. and have grown that original interest into a love for programming and development work. While some could say that the original reason I became a developer would be to the lack of other good courses, I have other reasons. Today I’m going to tell you 33 reasons why I became a developer.

  1. I enjoy solving problems
  2. Working with computers is fun
  3. The money is great
  4. My friend’s a developer
  5. There were programs that I needed, but hadn’t been created
  6. I enjoy breaking software (its fun :D)
  7. I had a teacher that said I should
  8. In grade 9, I made my first website
  9. The work is both challenging and slow, but never boring
  10. Chicks digg developers (they say they don’t, but its true)
  11. Developers are always in demand
  12. There’s a number of really cool job opportunites (AI, Cryptology, etc…)
  13. Allows me to bring out my nerdy side
  14. I can work on a computer all day
  15. Rockstar, quaterback and stuntdriver never panned out as careers

As you can probably tell, not all of these are true reasons (You can’t always work on a computer), but I have always wanted to do this great job. If you are a developer, why did you want to become one? If you’re not a developer, what are you and why did you want to do that?

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  1. 1 07.10.08
    12:11 pm

    I became a developer because I loved the challenge it gave me. I was in college to learn design stuff, but was introduced to web development (it was a web design program) and on a couple of projects I was tasked with doing the development work.

    I quickly fell in love with it and started learning all I could about anything web related. I’ve been developing full time since.

  2. 2 07.10.08
    12:27 pm

    I think all your reasons apply to me - except the friend part. I didn’t know anyone who was interested in development. I was the one who convinced others.

    I made my first website in grade 7 :) Other than web sites, any computer science didn’t take place until my first course in grade 10 with Turing. It just rolled from there. Since grade 8 I’ve wanted to be a programmer, and I guess it just stuck.

  3. 3 07.10.08
    3:12 pm

    I love solving problems two. This is a great sign you are an entrepreneur.

  4. 4 07.11.08
    2:27 pm

    A career as an Engineer didn’t work out… I’m not sure why I tried for the in the first place, I guess to broaden my scope on the world; and that it did. Mechatronics covers a wide range of topics, and I’ve learned that I didn’t like any of it. Well, with the exception of anything CS (which I loved); so I ended up changing majors.

    Though I think I own it to my co-op work experience for sealing the deal. Especially the entire team over at GigPark.com (where I work full-time now). They really facilitate and encourage me to work on what I enjoy.

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