Be Effective by Being Counter Intuitive

Management can be a tricky thing. Developing continuous improvement processes, input protocols, training procedures and a whole host of other things can be time consuming and difficult. And that’s when they actually work.

When it doesn’t though, you have to get at it again and try something else, taking up even more time and effort.


Most people look for an intuitive solution to what they are trying to implement, since it usually seems to make sense. People tend to gravitate to the intuitive.

The things that “just happen” are usually the intuitive things, or the first thought that comes to someone’s mind. But how often do these first thoughts actually work? Rarely at best.

Counter Intuitive

That is why we need to be counter intuitive. Sometimes it’s the things that don’t quite make sense that work the best. That first intuitive solution that comes to mind is often flawed. If it weren’t then you’d have no need to a solution because people would already be doing what’s intuitive.

All you need to do is uncover the flaws with the intuitive solution and develop some protocols around those flaws so that they don’t happen. This makes your solution as simple as possible, but reduces the impact that the flaws have.

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