July: A Month in Review

Here at devjargon, we have just finished our first full month of existence (we pre-posted for May and launched on June 6th), and has it ever been fun.  We’ve had a number of great posts, talked with a number of great people and had traffic beyond what we’ve ever had in any of our previous blogs.

Here are a few of our favourite posts this month:

We’re also please to have release our “Ask Us” section that allows you as readers to ask your IT related questions.  We just launched it recently so we haven’t gotten any enquiries yet, but you could be the first.

Not only have we posted a few good articles, we’ve also read a number of great development blogs from around the blogosphere.  A couple fo my favourites are: Girl Developer, I Hate My IT Guy, LinuxHaxor, Coding Horror and many, many more.

Just before we end this post I’d like to shout out to our first sponsor Laptopical. If you’re planning on buying a laptop any time soon, I’d check them out first because they have a number of in-depth laptop reviews that are worth checking out.

We’re looking forward to August and have a number of great things planned for this blog, so stay tuned.

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