Links of the week - Aug. 3 to Aug. 9

Here are a couple of our articles from this week that we think you should check out if you haven’t already. There are more links to sites around the web after the jump.

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This Weeks Top 4 Links From Around The Web

CLI Magic: For geek cred, try these one-liners
Some interesting little one line commands that allow you to quickly do all sorts of things.

If Linux Distributions Were Women…
A humorous comparison of some popular linux distros.

Introducing Snowl
Snowl is a new project from Mozilla. It’s being built as a tool to help you converse online. The current version will have support for RSS/Atom and Twitter. Down the road they plan to add support for IM (AIM, gTalk, etc). Keep in mind the current version is early and buggy, so use at your own risk.

Beginner’s Guide to Python
I’ve been looking into more languages to add to what I know (never hurts to know more, right?) and I think that next on the list will be Python. This is a good beginners guide to the language and getting setup so you can code.

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