This Weeks Top 7 Links

Another week has passed here at devjargon and we’ve had great success. This week our top three posts have been.

This Weeks Top 7 Links From Around The Web

Perfecting OO’s Small Classes and Short Methods
A look at writing a 1000-line program with a set of excessively restrictive constraints, so as to force developers out of the procedural groove.

Great Game Programming Guide
A great set of links to help you write your own game. If you’ve ever wanted to write your own computer game, this website will provide you the information to do so.

Why programmers should play Go
“Software development is the art of managing complexity using a limited number of rules, structures, and patterns. Programmers should play Go.” Enough said.

Prototype a Magazine-Style Home Page Template with the Blueprint CSS Framework
This tutorial focuses on the first part of the process: applying a CSS grid to the design to prototype a home page template. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Magazine styled theme (I certainly have), this tutorial is a great start.

Which Internet?
One of my favourite websites once again has a number of humorous pictures related to software development and computers. If you’re a developer, I suggest you read The Daily WTF every single daily.

Great PHP Techniques
PHP is one of my most favourite programming languages. You can do anything you want with a website and its not that hard to learn. Here are a number of great PHP techniques that even I didn’t know.

Acer releases The One: Atom-based SubNotebook
Acer just released a new laptop that rivals the Macbook Air. I personally don’t like the Air and hope this Acer laptop will do much, much better. The article outlines the specs of the laptop as well as giving the prices.

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