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One thing that I hate doing whenever I’m getting ready to buy a new laptop is going through the specifications of each computer. I find it annoying searching online for reviews on a specific laptop and then comparing this laptop to another one to see which is better. Who has the time to go to all of the different sites picking out reviews and getting the pro’s and con’s of each laptop; I certainly don’t.

Thats why is one of the best stops on the internet for all of your laptop reviews and resources.

Each laptop review starts of with the laptops specifications, a place where you can buy the laptop as well as the laptops pro’s and con’s. They then move on to a more in-depth review of the laptop and include pictures.

I think the thing that I like most about Laptopical is their laptop news section. They basically tell you all thats new in the laptop world, including special edition releases, new laptop releases and other helpful information.

They review a number of different companies as well. Whether your looking for Samsung laptops, Dell laptops, HP laptops or any other kind, you’ll find them at Its the only place you need to go to get all of the information you need on laptops.

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  1. 1 08.19.08
    10:29 am

    Last time I bought a laptop was an emergency, on a Sunday afternoon, I had not chance to look at specs in detail simply had to pile into the nearest department store that was still open late in the day and buy the best they had for my budget. It last well until I installed Windows XP SP3 and had to reformat and lost the ability to install the SATA drivers for its hard drive, although it still goes, it’s slower and crashes more now…time to look at those specs for a new one, while I’ve still time.


  2. 2 08.19.08
    7:57 pm

    There should be ways to get your SATA drivers into the install for windows. Easiest is on a floppy, I think. With a bit of googling, you might be able to dig up ways to load them from a USB, or reburn a windows xp install cd that includes the sata drivers. I believe a search for “hotfix xp sata” could turn up some of the info you need. Might want to check with Microsoft on the legality of it though.

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